Will it work…can but try

Well here i be again.

For the millionth time since 2003 when this project was born into creation.

Over the years it has had more lives than a cat, more false starts than an over eager 100m sprinter and more swear words than the entire hollywood script set since day 0.

But I keep coming back.

Sometimes i think it’s bloody minded stubbornness.

Sometimes the challenge.

Sometimes even the love for my own project.

But the truth is..it’s just me. 12 years is a long time to watch a project on the burner, over time i have been offered so much advice, so many recipes and approaches and all have seen the same result. Failure.

But like a bad penny, the project calls me back. And here i am yet again eh.

Wish me luck folks, i have a plan in mind, it’s nothing radical. But i hope that this time. It might just work.

This time i hope to be able to post a picture and truly declare that…

Aurelius Foulgar lives.

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Aurelius Foulgar will live (again..and again)


My last attempt to revitalise the project failed in pretty spectacular fashion. Life, jobs and all sorts of things got in the way and saw the donor parts of Aurelius Foulgar turned into a space wolf. So i think you can call that an utter fail.


But as has been the way of this stuttering project. Time passes and my attention flits about and once again falls onto it. It’s like an addiction i just can’t leave behind. It’s now approaching 15+ years of life on the burner now.

So again i took to the bits websites and planned to resurrect Aurelius Foulgar as a project.

I want to complete him as it will provide the visual drive that i can paint a Fist of Dorn and once over the hurdle, i hope it will provide the drive to move the army project along.

So the bits….well over £30 later they are ordered from various suppliers. But apart from adding a hand and head from my bits box, these are what i plan on using.


2009-large 2093-large arms backpack ImageProxy.mvc sword


The general idea is to have the right arm pointing with a sword, with a storm shield in the left hand either held slackly to the side or raised defensively. I wanted the storm shield to have the knight imagery to re-enforce the background of the chapter and their feudal system.


Now i just have to await the parts which will arrive over the next week or so. Then master the scheme.

Not much of an ask eh.

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Aurelius Foulgar will live

So after a little selling on E-bay, i decided to get on and order some bits for my chapter master conversion.


I had an image in my head of a lordly marine gesturing towards the enemy with a thunderhammer…and there the idea stopped.

So this evening i ventured onto e-bay in search of bits…and came up with these.



Cloak (choice of 1 of the 5)

Combi Plas


Thunderhammer (will be converted from this red scorpions power axe)


Now all i need to do is find a suitable head. Hours of trawling e-bay have come up blank. So i am open to any ideas/suggestions


Aside from that the only sharable thing of note is this


WIP Fists Of Dorn Tactical squad

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Test, Test this is a test…..mini.

So over the last 2 evenings I have been filing, gluing, painting and swearing away on a test mini.

Anyone who has ever painted yellow will know it’s not easy.


But it is done. As of yet i have no real ideas on how to base this army. Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

But for now, here is the test mini.

1 Fist of Dorn Tactical Marine. Thoughts??

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The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end

Hi to all and welcome to my new blog.

Eventually you will find all the old useful stuff from my old blog over here. But it takes time to repost it all.


So why a new blog, why the wacky topic title.


A new blog and a fresh start away from the old feelings and rants.

The title, well many man years ago I sat down and wrote an IA website for my own chapter. Now when I say long ago, I’m talking back in the days of marines and guard having doctrines in their lists, flyers not being 40k relevant and everyone trying out the quest for something different.


Well over the last few days i got to thinking about it. My main killer back then was the paint scheme. But I would like to think I have improved and moved along in the painting world. I also have an airbrush, so when all else fails….


And that is what brings me to the new blog. Unfortunately my old IA site has gone the way of the dodo. But I still have all the text articles. The colour scheme, chapter badge etc will remain the same. I just need the new home for it all.

That place is here.

Welcome to the home of the ‘Fists of Dorn’.

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